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Custom Purse Organizer


purse organizer customize

Step 1.

Contact CoolgDesign on our FB/Line.

Step 2.

Please provide the information of your bag. (Including brand, photos)

Step 3.

We will provide you the recommended size and the quotation.

Step 4.

After confirming the order, we will provide a link for you to pay.

Step 5.

Complete the payment.

Step 6.

Our purse organizer need at least 10 ~ 14 days to produce. 


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How do I measure my bag?

Please find measurement tools and measure the size from the bottom of the bag.

*For the Length: Measure, with the bag standing to face you, at the bottom of the bag from left to right.

*For the Width (or Gusset): Measure at the bottom from front to back.

*For the Height: Measure from the bottom to the top of the bag.


How do I know if I am doing it right?

Before you place an order for your customize purse organizer, designer will discuss with you to make sure your bag’s inner/ outer size, model bag and brand name.After designer discussed your bag with you, the designer will recommend the best size of purse prganizer for you.You can feel relieved because Obuynow can give you the best purse organizer.


Why do I need purse organizer?

As hot selling purse organizer, there is a throne for purse organizer to organize the spaces of bag.

Do you ever experienced the time you are looking for your stuff but the messy bag annoying you and also wasting your time. And you are going to pay the new clothes you just bought it but you can’t find the wallet and many people are waiting for you and make you embarrassing.

Or you go to a date but you forgot to bring cellphone that you thought you already put in your bag. You definitely need a purse organizer and help you solve the troubles.

What's the feature of purse organizer?

Washable material

As a good organized and protective purse organizer.Obuynow use washable material whatever get a spot or dirty, please directly wash the purse organizer without hesitate.

*Obuynow recommend you to hand wash the purse organizer avoid to harm purse organizer.

U-Liner Patent

Obuynow’s purse organizer is different from others , each styles has specific U-Liner Patent to support the purse organizer and make them steady. When we are using purse organizer, the U-Liner Patent can support the whole body to prevent loosen.

Velcro and Elastic Design

We adopt Velcro Design and Elastic Pockets for inner purse in order to be more security to protect the personal objects . You don’t have to worry about missing stuff when you put in your purse organizer, more easily arrange purse spaces , more convenient to find the stuff.

Easy Transferring

You love to have own dressing style then your bag also need a perfect purse organizer . You bought many bags for yourself but the problem is you need to take your time to put stuff in your bag one by one and day by day, you hate to tidy up your bag but there is us no space for your stuff, if you own a purse organizer then you definitely won more times for matters and more mood for put personal stuff into purse organizer because it is so easy to put. Why aren’t you get a purse organizer ? What are you waiting for?